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Randolph Fillmore, a member of the National Association of Science Writers,
is a freelance writer specializing in university-based science communication.

  • Feature magazine or newsletter stories about research.
  • Journalistic coverage of research meetings, seminars and forums.
  • From technical information, production of content for general readers of scientific, medical and institutional Web sites and brochures.
  • Research and writing for text books and reference books.
  • Social marketing information for public health and other campaigns

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Expanded Access Programs: Making Compassion Work
Issues and efforts related to expanded access programs aimed at providing patients with quicker access to new and experimental drugs, many of which are potentially lifesaving.
A Comprehensive Approach to Opioids and Drugs of Abuse
Blazing across the National Institutes of Health's National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) website is one big question: "How did this happen?"
X-ray Crystallography and NMR Unite for Drug Discovery
The University of South Florida and Moffitt Cancer Center are using X-ray crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to identify cancer-causing genes and their proteins that are molecular targets for therapy.
NanoUtah 2013
Tenth nanoUtah conference draws researchers, industry and students.
Red Tide
On the heels of one of the worst red tides in Gulf coast history, teams of scientists in the university's College of Marine Science are working to understand the harmful algal bloom...
Why Frogs are Croaking
Amphibians might have replaced canaries in their role in predicting environmental dangers.
Meeting Report: Third international nanomedicine and drug delivery symposium, Sept., 2005
The University of Maryland–Baltimore's (UMB's) Center for Nanomedicine and Cellular Delivery...

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